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Fast and Free Junk Car Removal in Calgary

When you sell your car, junk car removal is literally getting your old car towed or removed on a tow truck.

Almost all purchasers of junk cars can claim to provide free junk car removal. But not all of them are really going through with it or describing it in another way.

And how do you know if you’re charged with having your car towed away? Or if the flat bed your car wants to go on really costs you money?

junk car removal calgary

Out there, are there free services to pick up a car from your small town? And can you really trust the organisation to hold its promise when it comes to those who advertise that they are free?

1 Calgary Towing knows just how difficult it can be to sell a junk vehicle. Just a quick online search will show hundreds of company names that claim to provide free junk car removal, some of which might not even be located near you anywhere.

The reason you see so many choices emerging is that many businesses, even if they do not meet all their commitments, are trying to get their name out to everyone in the country. And unfortunate, that is.

The offer you get at 1 Calgary Towing is what you get billed. We don’t charge extra for junk car removal. We have a quick and free process as well. In 1-2 minutes, get an instant deal and get your car removed for free.

To be better educated, would you like to learn more? Here are some things you can do to support yourself and to make sure that if you plan to go with a different service than ours, you will not be charged extra for the removal of your junk car.

Ask If Junk Car Removal Is Free

To make sure that you get free junk car removal, the best option is to get several deals and check that they also involve the removal.

You won’t really know until you ask. And the last thing you want to do is get your junk car removed by a tow truck driver or service, and then tell you it’s going to cost you. The offer is then beginning to look more like something.

Confirm The Price Deal What You Will Be Charged

Be sure that whatever amount you agreed to is what you are going to walk away with before you go ahead with it and set up the removal of your vehicle.

Quick & Free Junk Car Removal When You Use 1 Calgary Towing

1 Calgary Towing requires elimination in the deal for a hassle-free experience.

Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes we really have to pay a little extra for someone else to remove your junk car. Yet behind the scenes, this all happens. When you get an offer to sell your car online to 1 Calgary Towing, as long as the condition of the vehicle suits what you said and it’s the same car, you will get that price when we come to pick up the vehicle. We’ll never ask for fees or anything like that from you. Simply put, with us, you’re getting honest-to-God junk car costs.

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Make Top Dollars With Your Junk Cars

If you need some money at this critical period and you think that it is the best time to sell your junk cars for top dollar than you have come to the right place. To sell a junk car is not an easy process and you need to decide many things before selling a junk car for top dollars. In the town Calgary there are many companies that will buy your junk car buy among them which company will be perfect for you never know. In this article, I will give you information about 1 Calgary Towing company, which is best regarding buying a junk car for top dollars. There is many reasons , that 1 Calgary Towing is the best towing company for buying junk cars.

At first you always go for a towing company instead of a car dealer or an individual for selling your junk car because a car dealer or an individual buyer never pays you the right price as they always want to make a revenue from your whole car but towing company sells the parts of the car differently, so you always get top dollar from the towing company.


Here is some important reasons why 1 Calgary Towing is the best company for selling your junk car


Most of the towing company provide 24 hours service and among them, most of the company come to tow tour car at an odd time such as night or noon because that time traffic is low, but if they come at you suck time, it will be a drastic disturbance for your neighbour as he has tow truck will make a lot of noise. To avoid such kind of problem hire 1 Calgary Towing, that will tow tour car according to your time.


There is no exact time to contact us, whenever you need you can contact us, we will be highly glad to reply to your call, email or other messages at any time of the day. So in this way you will be able to sell your junk car for top dollar at your comfortable time. We can schedule to buy and tow junk cars at any time.

The most common problem faces by common people that all the towing company told you that, they will provide you 24 hours service but when you make them cal for an automatic voice will response you please leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. But Calgary Towing will provide rot assistance 24 hours without wasting your valuable time.


Our flexibility at 1 Calgary Towing lets us easily schedule an appointment at the time that works for you. Contact us at the time that is most convenient for you, and we’ll work with you to set up the appointment to haul away junk cars from your property. You’ll have cash in your hands in no time — and you won’t have to look at the eyesore of a car anymore.


We are providing fast service after you make a final deal with us we will remove your junk car from your property on the same day.Most of the companies are unable  to tow your car safely as they are not equipped with advanced towing truck and make damage to your property, that’s a very annoying incident to happen because you selling your junk car for some money  and you need extra money for repair your damage car. Calgary Towing advances tow truck that can tow you junk car safely without amazing your property.


Last but not the least price of the your junk car offered by the towing company. In the town, Calgary there are many towing companies that buy your junk car buy you compare it with us and found that Calgary Towing is offering best prices for your junk car.


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Now you understand that 1 Calgary Towing is the best company when it comes to offering top dollar for your junk car in the town Calgary. We are buying a junk cars in the town of Calgary for a long time and we have many satisfied clients with us and the client is growing each day. For satisfied customer review, you can visit our website or contact us below way


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1 Calgary Towing – The Quickest Car Towing Service Provider Company in Calgary

It is quite possible if you have a car and you use it daily, it can be stopped on the roads of Calgary due to various reasons and if it is night or weather is rainy or cold then it is a very uncomfortable situation for anyone. In that uncomfortable situation, you need the help of a professional towing service provider. If the company is professional enough in their work, they will reach you immediately after getting your call, no matter what time it is and how the weather is and 1 Calgary Towing is there to rescue you always. So you can understand now how important it is to call a professional car towing service provider when you need  it.  In this article, I will give you some information, after going through it you can be able to recognize a professional car towing company in the town of Calgary.

Hire a Trusted Car Towing Company like 1 Calgary Towing

When your car stops in the middle of the road, you lose your cool and unable to think properly about what you have to do. If in this critical situation if you hire a novice car towing service provider, you might increase your problem as they have not enough experienced for car towing and might damage your car or reach very late and after reaching they might say that they have not enough equipment for towing your car. So whenever you call  for a car towing company always go for a trusted car towing company.

Car Towing Company

Analysis of The Service Quality with 1 Calgary Towing experts

Always make sure you hire a company that has advanced technology and has devolved equipment with them to help you when you and your car are in a danger. It can be deciding factor how securely, they can tow your car and how fast they solve your problem. Most of the car towing service provider in the town Calgary have traditional techniques and backdated equipment but 1 Calgary Towing has the latest equipments.

Check The Hidden Price Rate for car towing service

You already know that you have some expenses for your car as it needs to repair it. So when you hire a car towing company don’t forget to check the rate of towing service of the company. Some car towing companies charges a higher rate to see that you are in danger and you are compelled to take the help of the company but 1 Calgary Towing offers reasonable rate. Sometime after the finalized deal, in the end, they ask for more money by giving you some bad excuses such as the distance is too long then what you say or your car needs extra effort for towing, etc. A professional car towing company never can do such kind of activities. Always hire a professional car towing company for better pricing.

Emergency Car Towing Service

The most important criteria for a car towing company is that if the company is providing emergency service. The towing company may have advanced technology and highly experienced professional but if they do not provide emergency services then their all efforts go in vain. You don’t know when and where you will need an emergency car towing service, it may be at the midnight or the morning. Sometime the weather may be very bad for towing services. But if the car towing company is providing emergency services like 1 Calgary Towing then they will help you irrespective of what the time is and how the weather is.

Check The Customer Review

Always try to get some information about the car towing company. The easiest way to get the information about a company to read the client reviews because they have already taken the service from the company. If you find that the review of the client is positive about the car towing company then you can go for their service.

car towing service

If you are looking for a professional car towing company and you are from the town of Calgary then you must hire 1 Calgary Towing company. It is the best company when it comes to car towing. For our professional service, we have several satisfied customers with us. You can read the positive review of our clients on our website. Our contact details are below

Website: 1calgarytowing.ca

 Mail us: 1calgarytowing@gmail.ca

Ring us at  +1 4036713665