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TOWING SERVICES in the 1 Calgary towing are available for 24 hours

Our goal at 1 Calgary towing is to conduct our towing services in the most effective and competent way possible. Towing and recuperation, long distance towing, medium and heavy duty towing, rescue services and transport of heavy equipment are our services.

car towing service

Fleet fitted for best service

A deep dedication to outstanding towing service is the basis of our operation. We have invested in a new and well-equipped fleet of trucks capable of carrying virtually any vehicle to ensure this is adequately done. We are mindful of the sense of urgency that emerges when you need a tow, and our clients appreciate our understanding. We are very proud to have only the finest and well-maintained towing equipment fleet and reliable methods that allow us to provide the attentive service that we know you deserve.

Qualified towing services

Our employees are our most important assets, and we know that our jobs give us an unrivalled competitive advantage in towing service. You would be delighted to hear that our towing service experts are well-trained and able to manage any part of the work. We trust our knowledge in towing service, and we hope you will too. We will find you easily and drive your car in the safest way possible by covering a particular geographic area. In addition, our continuing educational programmes guarantee that our workers remain up-to-date with the latest trends in the towing service industry.

Towing services that are available in 1 Calgary towing

Vehicle towing

No matter why your car is towed, our team of competent dispatchers will quickly send you our qualified towing service specialist. With your car, you can count on us in case of need. Our tow trucks are available 24/7 to pick up and drop your vehicle safely and with the greatest caution at your chosen spot. Your place can be a favourite body store, repair shop, distributor or just your house. Our drivers ensure that your car is delivered safely. We still put clients and their cars first.

Flatbed towing

Have you all been trapped in an impossible situation where you are stuck and your valuable car is broken down?
Flatbed towing is the fastest and safest form of towing service, since the whole vehicle is on the flatbed tow truck bed. If the car is broken down or has been involved in an accident due to mechanical, electrical and/or battery problems, 1 Calgary towing will send a flatbed/rollback tow truck to ensure that the vehicle returns without any damage to the repair shop.

Take no risks on the road in case of an emergency, such as mechanical trouble, engine noise, engine light control or dead battery, contact 1 Calgary towing.

Motorcycle towing

When it comes to towing and transportation, bikes take extra attention. In order to tow your motorcycle, our certified and highly experienced towing service experts take special care. 1 Calgary towing uses a motorcycle towing package wrapped around forks and handlebar area with thin straps. If you are riding a Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, Yamaha, or any other model, contact 1 Calgary towing if your motorcycle ever needs to be towed or transported.

For any enquiry call us at 403-671-3665 or drop us a mail at 1calgarytowing@gmail.com

24hr Towing Services in Calgary through 1 Calgary Towing

1 Calgary Towing is the leading towing company in the Calgary area. We  offer 24hr Towing Services in Calgary and provide top class towing and roadside assistance options to the nearby community. Our certified and experienced tow truck operators and car locksmiths will gladly attain a helping hand every time you require expert assistance. We are completely dedicated to our customers’ safety, whether on the avenue or in their driveway.


24hr Towing Services


1 Calgary Towing is a sincere towing organization that presents 24hr Towing Services in Calgary. We do our quality to make sure that the towing technicians and the auto locksmiths we work with are up to date on all the cutting-edge facts fundamental to grant you the safest, most efficient offerings possible.


If you are in want of immediate towing or car locksmith services, we will gladly dispatch a technician. He will make effort to arrive at your region within 30 minutes or less of your call to us. Getting you safely returned on the street and on your way is our major goal.


Don’t be annoyed call us for 24hr Towing Services in Calgary !


We realize the frustration of being stuck in the center of nowhere and that is why we supply 24hr Towing Services in Calgary to all of our customers. We have the fastest response time in Calgary and our towing vehicles are always prepared to arrive at your destination inside minutes, no depend the place you are situated. We have very high requirements of our towing services and we never let our purchasers down, which is why we are presently the standard in the 24hr Towing Services in Calgary


Emergency Fast service towing Calgary!


Here at 1 Calgary Towing we recognize the nature of the enterprise higher than all people else and have been providing excessive type towing services to all of our customers in Calgary for a number of years now. We have the lowest quotes and the fastest turnover and response time out of all the towing services in Calgary. Our emergency towing service is reachable 24/7 in Calgary, due to the fact we understand that cars can breakdown at every time and anywhere, which is why you want a provider that is environment friendly and reliable.


Superlative Tow Trucks!


1 Calgary Towing has some of the fine trucks in the enterprise and no rely the place you are stuck in Calgary our vehicles will be there within minutes to help tow your damaged down car to a garage nearby. We supply around the clock assistance to all of our customers in Calgary and realize the reality that our customers want a service that is efficient and doesn’t motive them to lose precious time. We have been in the enterprise for a long time and recognize what it takes to be successful.


Get the 24hr Towing Services in Calgary nowadays and take advantage of the fastest response time in the industry, so that you never have to fear about lacking a vital meeting or appointment today. Call us now and get a free estimate for our towing services in Calgary today.


For top first-class towing and roadside assistance services call +1403-671-3665 or mail at 1calgarytowing@gmail.com

1 Calgary Towing – The Quickest Car Towing Service Provider Company in Calgary

It is quite possible if you have a car and you use it daily, it can be stopped on the roads of Calgary due to various reasons and if it is night or weather is rainy or cold then it is a very uncomfortable situation for anyone. In that uncomfortable situation, you need the help of a professional towing service provider. If the company is professional enough in their work, they will reach you immediately after getting your call, no matter what time it is and how the weather is and 1 Calgary Towing is there to rescue you always. So you can understand now how important it is to call a professional car towing service provider when you need  it.  In this article, I will give you some information, after going through it you can be able to recognize a professional car towing company in the town of Calgary.

Hire a Trusted Car Towing Company like 1 Calgary Towing

When your car stops in the middle of the road, you lose your cool and unable to think properly about what you have to do. If in this critical situation if you hire a novice car towing service provider, you might increase your problem as they have not enough experienced for car towing and might damage your car or reach very late and after reaching they might say that they have not enough equipment for towing your car. So whenever you call  for a car towing company always go for a trusted car towing company.

Car Towing Company

Analysis of The Service Quality with 1 Calgary Towing experts

Always make sure you hire a company that has advanced technology and has devolved equipment with them to help you when you and your car are in a danger. It can be deciding factor how securely, they can tow your car and how fast they solve your problem. Most of the car towing service provider in the town Calgary have traditional techniques and backdated equipment but 1 Calgary Towing has the latest equipments.

Check The Hidden Price Rate for car towing service

You already know that you have some expenses for your car as it needs to repair it. So when you hire a car towing company don’t forget to check the rate of towing service of the company. Some car towing companies charges a higher rate to see that you are in danger and you are compelled to take the help of the company but 1 Calgary Towing offers reasonable rate. Sometime after the finalized deal, in the end, they ask for more money by giving you some bad excuses such as the distance is too long then what you say or your car needs extra effort for towing, etc. A professional car towing company never can do such kind of activities. Always hire a professional car towing company for better pricing.

Emergency Car Towing Service

The most important criteria for a car towing company is that if the company is providing emergency service. The towing company may have advanced technology and highly experienced professional but if they do not provide emergency services then their all efforts go in vain. You don’t know when and where you will need an emergency car towing service, it may be at the midnight or the morning. Sometime the weather may be very bad for towing services. But if the car towing company is providing emergency services like 1 Calgary Towing then they will help you irrespective of what the time is and how the weather is.

Check The Customer Review

Always try to get some information about the car towing company. The easiest way to get the information about a company to read the client reviews because they have already taken the service from the company. If you find that the review of the client is positive about the car towing company then you can go for their service.

car towing service

If you are looking for a professional car towing company and you are from the town of Calgary then you must hire 1 Calgary Towing company. It is the best company when it comes to car towing. For our professional service, we have several satisfied customers with us. You can read the positive review of our clients on our website. Our contact details are below

Website: 1calgarytowing.ca

 Mail us: 1calgarytowing@gmail.ca

Ring us at  +1 4036713665

Best Roadside Assistance Service in Calgary

New Technology and Roadside Assistance

In the past, drivers were capable of repairing the minor defects of their vehicle. But with the advanced technology vehicles have become critical machines and when your vehicle gives you trouble, you might become clueless and you might be in need of expert help. Of course you don’t know where and when you need help regarding your vehicles.

1Calgary Towing provides the best roadside assistance in Calgary. Our professionals will reach you in 20 mins. Isn’t it amazing? Also, our professionals are well certified and keep their skills updated with the upcoming technology.

Experts for roadside assistance

There is no doubt, why we are the best roadside assistance company in Calgary. We have an expert team of professionals with us and they can help you quickly irrespective of what your vehicle’s problem is. Our drivers are extremely familiar with the short cut of the town. So, availing roadside assistance from us can be very beneficial.

1Calgary Towing company is providing roadside assistance service in all the routes of the Calgary. In this town, you can find a number of companies providing the same kind of service but 1Calgary Towing Company is different because not only we provide affordable prices but also we never betray our customers.

In the town, there are many types of cars and motorbikes and each car and bikes has a different kind of technology. Our experts are trained in the way that they can repair any type of car and motorbike. So you can be a hundred percent sure that you will get proper help from us irrespective ht kind of vehicle are you using.

Because of our advanced equipments, we never fail in repairing any part of your vehicle. 1Calgary Towing posses the combination of advanced tools plus skilled professionals.

Also, we have valid license and insurance. Insurance company will bear the repair cost, if anything goes wrong during the repair process.

We provide all kind of roadside assistance for you such as


1. Changing tires

If you need help with flat tires then just give us a call, we will provide you help within a few minutes.

2. Unlocking Doors

Lost keys or locked up in your car? Sometimes, the car door does not open and you start to freak out. Just give us call and we will be there in no time.

3. Delivering Gas

If your car stopped due to shortage of gas, not to worry we will provide you gas for your vehicle and you will be ready to go within a few minutes

4. Towing

Sometimes it is quite impossible to repair your car in the spot and your car might need emergency towing, besides roadside assistance we provide towing service also. Our experienced team will rescue you and your car safely.

5. Boosting Batteries

It is the most common problem for cars. But you don’t worry Calgary Towing is with you to help you in this matter. Our professional will boost your battery within a few minutes.

Last but not least we are ready to help you 24 hours a day. Our expert are always ready for help you, whether it is day or night, holiday or festival.

Save our contact for emergencies!

We are providing our services at Panorama Hills, Country Hills, Nose Hill Park, Evanston, Harvest Hills, Calgary Airport, Tuscany, Nolan Hill or anywhere in Calgary.

Call at +14034787900!

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